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What do you associate with the phrase "capstone project assignment"? Perhaps you perceive the capstone project as a long sitting in the library and tedious waiting for the right book because another student took it? Tedious searches for up-to-date data in the vast expanses of the Internet? Constant stress and anxious nights? No wonder!

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Every final-year student has a goal to write a capstone paper. After all, it is the capstone project that determines whether a student becomes a qualified specialist or not. To avoid stress, hours of analysis of sources, search for reliable data and arguments, conducting research, you can order a custom capstone project!

EssayAssistant.net is a professional writing team that specializes in writing all academic papers, including capstone project assignments. A large number of authors allows us to take orders of any level of complexity. By ordering work in our online capstone project writing service, you can be sure that your teacher will accept it. With our company, you will get maximum pleasure: a convenient format of cooperation, good results, and positive emotions. Want to know more about the benefits of EssayAssistant? Below you will find the main reasons why thousands of students trust us.

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We Provide Capstone Paper Writing Service On Any Topic

Students of different disciplines apply to us. Thanks to the experience of our writers, we assist in any science:

  • Geography: Minerals and rocks of the USA, Theories of the origin of life on Earth, Geological activity of the glacier, Factors of soil formation, Origin of the Universe, Extraterrestrial volcanism, etc.
  • History: Berlin Crisis of 1961, Great Britain in World War II, Influence of 1956 Events on Hungarian Domestic Policy, Food Problem in Africa, Evolution of the Race Question in the USA, etc.
  • Art: Semantic levels of a work of art, Empirical aesthetics, Aesthetic problems of humanism, Fashion as a social phenomenon, Religious factors in art, etc.
  • Literature: Philosophical and religious motives in Salinger's prose, National specificity of urban fantasy on the example of the novel "Harry Potter," Archetypes in the novel by Virginia Woolf "Orlando," Agatha Christie - a woman's view of the detective genre, etc.
  • Psychology: Dreaming as a kind of mental image, Midlife crisis, Children's giftedness, Psychological readiness for school, etc.
  • Sociology: Generational conflict in online discussions, Age as an object of sociological analysis, Marital relations in old Age, Social space of a modern city, etc.
  • Philology: The problem of alienation in education, Systems for assessing the quality of higher education in the United States, Accessibility of higher education, Competition in the global educational space, etc.

We have listed only a part of the sciences and topic with which we managed to work. If you have not found your science, you have a place to describe the topic and discipline in the order form. Based on this data, we will select a qualified author.

Writing A Capstone Projects Will Be Engaged By Writers With Ph.D. And Master's Degrees

For all the years that EssayAssistant.net has existed, we have managed to collect thousands of positive reviews and gain an excellent online reputation. We are a leader among other writing companies. We have achieved all of this thanks to a well-formed team of writers. We hire professional authors with Ph.D. and Master's degrees.

Our team includes scientists, linguists, journalists, Olympiad winners, graduates of the best universities in the US, UK, Australia. Before we hire an author, we carefully check the documents on the availability of higher education, experience in writing academic papers, and educational merit. After ensuring that everything is in order with the documents, we ask the author to pass two tests: theoretical and practical.

The theoretical test allows you to assess the level of knowledge of the writer. We create tests on the science represented by the author. A potential writer has no room for error. We do not admit anyone who has not gone through the theoretical test to the practical part.

A practical test is to place the author in a real situation in the company. Within a limited time, the author must complete the academic assignment. We estimate his writing skills, completeness of disclosure, and lack of plagiarism. If the author has coped with all the tests, we will be happy to welcome him to the team.

Authors Will Write Custom Capstone Papers From Scratch

Plagiarism is an academic prohibition. Educational institutions are very strict about checking the paper for plagiarism. If the professor discovers a high percentage of borrowing, he will demand to rewrite the text again, which may affect the suspension of scholarship accrual or require student expulsion. Thus, when you copy someone else's capstone project, you infringe on copyright and damage your academic reputation.

The best way to avoid all these problems is to contact us. The authors will write the article from scratch and transfer all copyrights to you - no teacher can accuse you of plagiarism. What's more, writers consider all your requirements to make the article original and help you stand out from other students.

When using the statements of authoritative people, the author knows how to draw up the correct quotes. This approach allows our articles to pass the most stringent plagiarism checks. If you need a plagiarism report, you can inform the author or company manager about it. We will send an honest answer about the availability of borrowings - our results, in most cases, are 0% plagiarism. We will never use your articles as examples and publish them on other websites.

Writers Will Format Capstone Project In Any Style

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According to the requirements for the design of scientific papers, the student must format the text in the same style. This is not a problem for our experts since they are native writers and know all the nuances of paper formats. The authors work with the following formats:

  • APA. Authors use this style when writing a custom capstone project in psychology. There are very confusing requirements for formatting quotes, footnotes, tables, fonts, and the structure of articles. However, the writing experience of our experts makes it possible to format all these parameters in a short time.
  • MLA. Authors use this style when writing a capstone paper in the humanities. An essential feature of this style is the absence of a title page. As you can see, paper formats differ, and you need to have a lot of knowledge to avoid mistakes.
  • AMA. Authors use this style when writing a capstone project in medicine. The AMA Style Papers Guide contains over 1000 pages. It will take you a long time to learn all the requirements. Also, data analysis, research, and writing a project await you. To save time, entrust the paper to the experts and take care of more important matters because there are many of them at the end of the study year.
  • Chicago. Authors use this style when writing a capstone project in sociology and history. The Chicago style has been around since 1906, and today there are 16 editions. Therefore, you will have to analyze all editions to format the paper correctly. The only way to get rid of this problem is to ask our author to create a paper. The author understands the style from A to Z and will not make mistakes.

Authors can also format papers in Turabian or Chicago style - it all depends on the topic and discipline. Therefore, in the order form, indicate the exact paper format so that the author meets your expectations.

We Set Low Price

We understand that students' financial opportunities are not great. Therefore, we created a low pricing policy. The capstone project custom paper cost for 14 days will not exceed your daily expenses or going to the cinema. Remember that the sooner you need the document, the higher the price will be. However, we have great deals for our clients.

We have a system of discounts for new customers and bonuses for regular customers. Each new customer can get a 5% discount on the next capstone writing services order. For example, if you specify ten orders, you have the opportunity to get 10% on subsequent orders. When you place 20 orders, the discount is 15% for every next order. With such discounts, you can significantly reduce the cost of the document and get high-quality paper.

How to Order a Capstone Project?

On the home page, you will find an order form developed by our company. Here are some tips for filling it out:

  • Choose a discipline.
  • Specify the exact subject of the capstone project - the choice of the writer depends on this.
  • Indicate the volume of the capstone project - this affects the price.
  • Specify a deadline - of 3-8 hours or 1-14 days.
  • Indicate Academic Level - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
  • Enter your personal data - name, phone number, email.

Based on these data, we will choose an author. After we process your order, you need to confirm it - make a payment. This will guarantee that the author will not work in vain. Note that the author will be rewarded for his work only when you are satisfied with the quality of the capstone project. Then you have to wait for a little while and download the finished project. Isn't that the best way to get rid of the tedious writing of a capstone project? Please don't waste your time and contact us! We are ready to provide capstone writing help 24/7!

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