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Abortion Argumentative Essay

September 20, 2022

The subject of abortion is a contentious one that has been explored by numerous parties across the globe. An abortion is a process that includes removing an embryo from the womb. Due to the nature of the moral problem, it is disputed in numerous nations where medical operations are authorized.

Features Of An Essay On Abortion

Make sure you’re doing the right research and presenting the right information before diving into a project with a medical component. By doing so, you’ll be able to learn from your errors and have a more in-depth grasp of the situation. Many individuals will be particularly sensitive to the tone of your essay, so be careful not to offend them. The words you employ should not be interpreted in a negative way. Your essay about abortion follows the same basic format as any other. The first paragraph of your essay should serve as an introduction. Information essential to grasp the subject at hand is provided here. It also gives context to your work and its central notion. In the last paragraph of your essay, you should present your argument. The primary arguments of your article belong here.

Include all of your arguments about abortion in the major body of your college research paper. Similarly, each of the assertions in this part should be expanded upon in its own paragraph. Your conclusion shouldn’t include any new ideas or information that wasn’t previously presented in your paper. You should recap everything you’ve discussed up to this point here. It’s possible that you’ll be asked to write an outline before you get started on your essay. To help you keep track of everything you’ve included in your paper, a table of contents should go here. Take the time to jot down the essential points of each paragraph to ensure that your essay stays on track.

Ideas Of Argumentative Essay On Abortion

How about some suggestions for what you might include in your research paper? Think about writing about one of these instead:

  • Will the legalization of abortion increase the number of illicit abortions?
  • Different civilizations’ perspectives on abortion.
  • What are the health consequences of abortion?
  • What should the legal age for abortion be?
  • What factors influence married couples’ choice to get an abortion?
  • Can the unborn fetus feel pain during the abortion procedure?
  • Should abortion be considered homicide?
  • Why do women get abortions?

Some Arguments For Abortion

  • Everyone has an inherent right to do whatever they like with their own body.
  • The freedom to choose whether or not to have children is essential to a woman’s autonomy.
  • Some researchers argue that a fetus only becomes a person after it is born and is able to survive outside the mother’s body.
  • Experts in the field of neuroscience are generally in agreement that unborn children do not feel pain during an abortion.
  • Abortions performed by trained medical professionals are safer for women than those performed in the dark.
  • The health of the mother and unborn child are not jeopardized by the use of modern abortion techniques.
  • Abortion offers women the option of preventing the birth of a child who will be born with disabilities or other abnormalities.
  • Women who are unable to get an abortion may experience difficulties such as unemployment, poverty, and even violence at home.

Some Arguments Against Abortion

  • Abortion is the killing of a helpless human being.
  • The unborn kid has the same right to life as any other human being since life begins in the womb of a mother.
  • Many researchers think unborn children experience pain during abortion procedures.
  • The practice of abortion goes against the will of God.
  • Mental health issues are directly linked to abortion.
  • Because of abortions, there may be fewer children available for adoption.
  • Abortion on the basis of an embryo’s defects can be understood as a form of physical trait discrimination.
  • Contraception does not include abortion.
  • Pregnant women must be prepared to shoulder more obligations.
  • The Hippocratic Oath was originally designed to ban abortion.
  • The practice of abortion normalizes disregard for human life.
  • Research conducted by the Guttmacher Institute indicates that the disproportionate number of abortions performed on black women upsets the delicate African population balance.
  • Abortion negates the positive contributions an unborn child may make to society.
  • A woman’s health might worsen after an abortion.

Few Words from an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Abortion is a hotly debated subject in modern times. It’s been spoken about in public and private settings, on TV and in publications. The topic’s sensitivity stems from the delicate nature of the subject matter itself. Having an abortion is considered by many to be extremely dangerous, and many people believe that a woman shouldn’t have the option to terminate a pregnancy while her fetus is still alive. Abortion is often viewed as a murder due to the fact that it results in the death of a human fetus. Others, however, argue that a woman should have the option to forego motherhood. Another common misconception is that killing an unborn baby is not a crime. Some opponents of abortion hold the view that the developing fetus is already capable of feeling pain and suffering.

Those who argue that abortion is not murdering unless it occurs after the child’s birth have a good point. To be sure, I think it’s best to keep an eye on it from the womb. Killing a fetus at any point in its development is wrong. It’s still murder if the fetus has grown much since conception. When a pregnant woman’s health is in danger, an abortion may be an option. If the mother’s life is in danger, for instance, an abortion can be performed to prevent her death. It is critical, however, to grasp the context in which such an abortion is carried out. A mother’s decision to have an abortion should be based solely on her own health and well-being.

Abortion is a controversial topic because of the strong feelings people have about it. Abortion has been equated by some to the murder of a human being in the womb by these individuals. Others argue that killing an unborn child is not murder since the parents have the right to make that decision. Pro-life advocates argue that a fetus is a person in the process of developing, while pro-choice advocates maintain that the fetus is not human and should be allowed to live. Those who support abortion rights argue that the procedure should be legalized only after birth. On the other hand, I believe it is crucial to think about the fetus in its different developmental phases.

It is not murdered if the fetus is still in its early stages of development. However, it might be deemed murder if the fetus has already begun to grow. When the mother’s life is in danger or when a child’s physical appearance poses a significant health risk, it may be acceptable to undergo an abortion. When making a choice, I think it’s crucial to take into account all the variables at play. The well-being of the fetus is a crucial consideration for any pregnant woman thinking about having an abortion.

The mother’s body is the “host body” of the kid even if she has only been alive for nine months. For Thompson, a mother’s wishes about her child are a matter of legal and moral autonomy. Once the pregnancy has reached roughly 10–12 weeks of development, abortion is no longer considered murder. Even while the fetus can begin growing limbs and faces by the tenth week, it does not truly have a consciousness, according to scientific research.

Regarding abortion, many people have different opinions regarding what is and is not acceptable. For instance, proponents of the Pro-Life position argue that a woman should be punished criminally if she seeks an abortion after the sixth month of her pregnancy has passed. While there are many who disagree, pro-abortion advocates generally agree that a woman should be able to undergo an abortion up until the week before she gives birth. The two sides of the abortion debate that have been presented thus far have not been reconciled. There has been no final decision taken on the matter.

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