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How to Write Descriptive Essay About a Person

September 20, 2022

The goal of this type of essay is quite clear: you get to write about something you care about while also providing a detailed description of its most salient qualities. Many assignments need students to provide detailed descriptions of settings, items, and individuals. This fourth category is the most challenging to describe accurately since it goes beyond just physical characteristics to encompass a person’s personality, disposition, and other intangibles. One must be attentive, knowledgeable, and imaginative to produce a superb descriptive essay. For this reason, we’ve compiled some of the best advice we could find on how to craft a descriptive essay about a person, which we know may be a genuine difficulty.

What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of writing that portrays an event or a feeling in a way that is representative of the reader’s experience. The goal of the essay is to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the event or person.A good argumentative essay should be able to put a genuine image into the mind of the reader, while also making the reader think about the arguments and facts. The goal of a descriptive essay is to awaken the senses, such as taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight. This type of writing is commonly assigned to creative pupils so that they can bring their imagination to the page.

Features of Descriptive Essay

  • Descriptions that engage the senses also help the reader create an emotional connection with the subject of the essay. When writing a descriptive essay, the author must use vivid language to evoke an emotional response from the reader.
  • Major Idea – The main idea of your descriptive essay will determine its focus and direction. It’s important to clearly identify the paper’s key subject and zero down on it.
  • Use of Figurative Language One of the most important aspects of creating an effective descriptive essay is the use of figurative language. Embellish your descriptions of places and people with metaphors, similes, adverbs, and adjectives.
  • Accurate and relevant terminology is essential for conveying your message effectively. It is important that the language and tone of the essay effectively convey the central subject.
  • Assemble your thoughts and data in an orderly fashion.

Descriptive Essay Topics

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing a topic is the right one. It will allow you to write about the most important details of your paper. A good descriptive essay is one that engages the reader’s senses, such as taste, smell, touch, and hearing. It should also talk about an event or person, and it should highlight at least one of the senses. There are a variety of popular writing topics that you can choose from:

  • Describe your favorite individual
  • Describe your closest companion
  • Describe your favorite professor
  • Describe your adversary
  • Describe someone you adore the most
  • Describe your mum in detail
  • Please describe your father
  • Explain your family
  • Describe your favorite sibling
  • Describe a person you admire
  • Describe someone who inspires you

What are the particulars of a descriptive essay on a person?

Before you begin writing an essay, make certain that the person you are going to discuss is the one you adore. For example, if you’re going to write about someone you care about, you should select a riveting and awe-inspiring subject. On the other side, if you write about a dull subject, you may not be able to attract a large number of readers. Typically, authors may write descriptive essays on historical figures or people they respect. They can also write an essay about someone they think is outstanding. They may, for example, discuss Ronald Reagan or Napoleon Bonaparte.

To begin writing a descriptive essay, discuss the numerous characteristics of the individual. For example, if you’re writing about clothing, it should be the first section. Aside from clothing, you should also discuss your height, weight, and hair color. The first step in characterizing a person’s or group’s normal behavior is to identify the person’s or group’s traits. When contemplating renowned people, you may readily recognize their names right away. For example, if you mention a man who wore hats and cigars and loved to drink booze, you can presume he is Winston Churchill.

Aside from personality features, discussing a person’s looks is one of the most challenging aspects of an essay. This is because you can readily explain this person’s traits without any assistance. If you need to think about additional important characteristics, historians propose reading memoirs or essays written by skilled authors. You should also examine a variety of items to have a better grasp of the individual’s emotional condition. You can, for example, view films or study particular materials to determine the individual’s qualities.


As a result, it is not a simple process. A high-quality paper usually takes at least 5-6 hours to complete. Fortunately, if you try to evaluate any sample descriptive essay on a person and follow our easy guidelines, you may prevent a lot of issues and make this procedure more comfortable.

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