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Argumentative Essay Topics About Music

September 19, 2022

It’s safe to say that we can all agree that listening to music is a great way to relieve stress. It’s no surprise that wherever you go, you’ll find folks rocking out to tunes on every imaginable musical gadget. It’s safe to say that you’re surrounded by music at all times, whether you’re in a quiet room or a busy street. With new music, musicians, and songs being uploaded to platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify on a daily basis, there is no shortage of material for argumentative essays on the musical genre. Finding a good rap music essay subject has never been simpler, with everything from Robert Matthew Van Winkle’s quick rap to Dax’s hip-hop music. This article provides you with a list of argumentative themes from which you may choose an interesting title to give your essay a new, fascinating angle.

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

The following is a list of potential essay topics relating to music that may be used by students in a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to the following: Education, Sociology, Special Education, Psychology, Healthcare, Fashion Studies, and Culture. Since the rhythms and fundamental motivations have been a part of human existence from the beginning, these music theme ideas may be used to a wide range of academic disciplines:


  • The development of American Southern Rock music.
  • Genesis is regarded as the forefathers of progressive rock.
  • The music of Antonio Vivaldi is romantic.
  • How has rap music influenced contemporary social movements?
  • The dolphins’ musical sensibilities.
  • Is metal music associated with aggressive behavior?
  • How may learning to play a musical instrument benefit a person’s mental health?
  • The application of neuroscience to the production of synthetic music.
  • The role of artificial intelligence-based technologies in the production of musical instruments.
  • The legacy of Baroque composers
  • Music education’s function in the United States
  • When training autistic youngsters, classical music is used..
  • The current youth’s understanding of music.
  • How may music be used to reconcile cultural differences?
  • Hans Zimmer and the quirks of cinematic soundscapes.
  • The history of grunge music begins with Nirvana and Soundgarden.
  • How our parents’ and grandparents’ musical interests influenced us.
  • Northern Ireland’s protest music.
  • The most common myths regarding country music in the United States.
  • How do contemporary college students see classical composers?
  • Elvis Presley’s cultural legacy.
  • Infants’ perception of music.
  • The importance of musical collaborations during pandemics.
  • What changes has rock music seen since the 1970s?
  • The underground college bands (choose any example).
  • Investigating the punk rock scene in the United Kingdom.
  • Middle Eastern music’s tones and scales.
  • Why is “praise and worship” a distinct musical genre?
  • From children of the flowers to bold political pronouncements, John Lennon has done it all.
  • In the United States, there are songs of war and dissent.
  • Can rock artists have a beneficial impact on children?
  • The impact of record corporations on music quality.
  • Is social media destroying music?
  • Is it true that listening to music via streaming services benefits the artists?
  • K-Pop promotes equality for both male and female performers.
  • The usage of vocaloids in music avoids the need for actual voices.
  • The use of music for therapeutic reasons.
  • The application of music in political campaigns.
  • Can a person’s personality be deduced from their musical tastes?
  • Does learning to play a musical instrument help you write better?
  • Trap music: a subculture analysis.
  • Classical music is the foundation of hard rock.
  • Should students be given support while forming a college band?
  • Should radio stations prohibit musicians whose lyrics are unpleasant and aggressive?
  • Pros and drawbacks of Christian metal music.
  • Music and dance.
  • The evolution of garage rock in America.
  • The Moog synthesizer’s history.
  • Why are Gibson guitars so popular among young Americans?
  • The ethics of music record making.
  • Rap and rock music usage of profanity.
  • The presence of music in the military is a military issue.
  • The impact of popular music on the distorted body image model.
  • Copyright concerns and intellectual property protection.
  • Is the function of record labels becoming obsolete?
  • Why are physical music production methods still important?
  • Stress alleviation through the prism of heavy metal music genres.
  • The incorporation of music instruction into primary school curricula.
  • Natural sounds may be used to address mental health issues.
  • Should computer-generated music be considered art?

How to Choose Music Essay Topiс?

At college, most music and art teachers will ask for arguing essays on musical subjects, so students should look into broad argumentative essay topic options before narrowing in on a musical one. Every kind of an essay requires you to make an argument. In addition, your essay needs a central argument. For you and the academic world, why is this subject so vitally important? Must it be an argument or a justification? Is it feasible to find evidence for a certain topic? Is it relevant to the course and/or the assignment prompt? Does the issue lend itself to what kind of research approach? You may learn how to write in an academic manner even while discussing rap music or 90s rave parties by exploring the web for comparable articles that deal with your topic or by reading reviews of live concerts, plays, or specific classical recordings.

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