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Argumentative Essay Topics About Technology

September 19, 2022

Technology evolution is a reality, not just a theory. It was necessary for far too many technical advancements that would not have been achievable. We now communicate and learn in a variety of ways thanks to technological improvements. Access to knowledge and increased productivity are a few of them. You should think about many subjects that are linked to technology in order to produce a good argumentative essay about it. The most common subjects that you may research for your next paper are outlined in this post.

Best Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Does technology have a big impact on contemporary medicine?
  • Are businesses that manufacture workout equipment worthwhile?
  • Will physicians eventually lose their jobs to computers?
  • Can the medical sector afford to make such an investment?
  • Should the government fund relevant research initiatives to help people with their medical needs?
  • Should just animal testing be used in medicine?
  • Do we need to exclude people from important therapeutic trials?
  • Can parents influence their unborn children’s unfavorable genetics?
  • Can a smartphone lead to brain cancer?
  • Does wearing technology encourage leading a healthy lifestyle?
  • Will conventional books become obsolete?
  • Should instructors permit computers and iPads in the classroom?
  • Students should be prohibited from using social media in school.
  • Should educators promote the usage of video games in the classroom?
  • Does internet education result in student laziness?
  • Is it preferable to listen to audiobooks as opposed to reading textbooks?
  • As internet technology continues to evolve, will online education replace conventional learning?
  • Are online learning platforms more efficient than conventional libraries?
  • Is 3D printing more dependable than CAD software for the production of models?
  • Are online courses superior to conventional brick-and-mortar instruction?
  • People are getting dumber because they use technology more.
  • Does using technology too much make people lazy or too reliant on it?
  • Using technology to solve a human problem only makes another one.
  • Should we try to make sure everyone has access to technology so that people can talk to each other more?
  • Is the world really getting smaller because of social media?
  • Should parents be able to decide what their kids can do on the internet?
  • Should the government make it illegal for college and university students to use social networking sites?
  • Is it possible that people and technology will come together to form a Singularity?
  • Is it possible that a “Brave New World” of technology will be made?
  • Should the government put money into making new weapons and ways to fight?
  • What impact has social media had on interpersonal communication?
  • Should social media accounts for children and adolescents be promoted or discouraged?
  • Should social media accounts be taken into account during the employment process?
  • Will technological progress usher in a Technological Brave New World?
  • Should we encourage nations to invest in the development of military and weapons technologies?
  • Genetic engineering should be prohibited.
  • Will the internet one day become obsolete?
  • Should the government fund space research?

Today, technology is an inseparable aspect of our life, and its many uses have rendered people reliant on it. Its negative and beneficial consequences are worth considering. Many concerns associated to technology usage are still understudied despite fast technical innovation and increased availability. This suggests that technological discussions are still ongoing. This offers plenty of room for personal interpretation and imagination. Despite technological breakthroughs in recent years, there are still several threats that technology might bring to civilization. This is why we must be mindful of the possible effects of its usage. Contact me if you need assistance creating an excellent sociology essay. I can provide you editing or proofreading services to assist you get the most out of your work. If you are unable to write an essay on your own, please contact me using the chat form.

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