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Argumentative Essay Topics College

September 16, 2022

One of the hardest aspects of writing an academic paper is coming up with an essay subject. If you’ve been tasked with writing one, you know how hard it can be to locate a solid example. We’ve compiled a list of 52 inspiring suggestions to help you get rolling with your project. We’ll also discuss how to choose a strong one and craft an argument that will pique your readers’ interest.

How to Choose a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

A distinctive kind of writing called an argumentative essay may attract readers and provide them plenty of potential for persuasion. Making hypotheses become facts and putting out a strong case may accomplish this. Experts claim that the author has spent a significant amount of time creating an argument viewpoint.

These writings may help students grasp a variety of topics more thoroughly. The kind of argument and how it is delivered will determine how credible the information is. The majority of the time, kids are coping with contentious issues. In this article, we’ll discuss how to write an argumentative essay and provide you some of the most crucial pointers for producing a successful work. We’ll also discuss additional subjects for your writing.

Argumentative Essay Topics Example


  • Should males be granted paternity leave?
  • Should maternity leave be increased?
  • Should smoking be prohibited?
  • Should the government have a role in our eating habits?
  • Should birth control be provided for free?
  • Should we make condoms more accessible to teenagers?
  • Abortion should be legalized.


  • How can the law on copyright be changed?
  • Which era in music history was the best?
  • Do pupils who play video games become more violent?
  • Should internet material be subject to stricter regulation?
  • Is graffiti considered vandalism or art?
  • Must books be banned in schools?
  • How significant is art instruction?
  • Should students learn music in schools?
  • Are online music services beneficial to musicians?


  • Are we becoming too reliant on our phones?
  • Should everyone have access to the internet?
  • Should access to the internet be free?
  • Should police officers have to wear body cameras?
  • Should social media corporations be permitted to gather user data?
  • What effects has the internet had on society?
  • Should autonomous vehicles be permitted on public roads?


  • How should science be taught at a religious institution?
  • Must fracking be permitted?
  • Should parents be able to change the characteristics of their unborn children?
  • Should students have to get their shots in order to go to school?
  • GMOs: Beneficial or Negative?


  • Do school uniforms promote academic success?
  • Students now are they better or worse than they were 10 years ago?
  • Should cheating be permitted among students?
  • Is school a chore?
  • Is the start of school too early?
  • Attending a single-sex school has advantages?
  • Is summer vacation still important?
  • Is college tuition too high?


  • Does the death penalty work?
  • Is the way we vote fair?
  • Is the electoral college still relevant?
  • Should our taxes be reduced?
  • How many justices on the Supreme Court are ideal?
  • Should elected officials have separate term limits?
  • What about lowering the legal drinking age?
  • Does religion fuel conflict?
  • Should marijuana be made legal throughout the nation?
  • Should there be stricter gun controls in the nation?


  • Should moral standards be high for athletes?
  • Do professional athletes get excessive pay?
  • Do we need additional professional sports teams in the United States?
  • Should gender be a factor in sports?
  • Are college athletes worth being paid?
  • What are the greatest methods to make sports more secure?

Argumentative Essay Tips

Finding the correct subject is one of the most important aspects you should take into account when deciding on a strong argumentative essay topic. Although it is simple to choose the best one, it is crucial to adhere to certain fundamental guidelines and create an outline that is based on reliable sources. Any academic establishment will sell you an argumentative essay. Controversial subjects can lend themselves to bias. This is due to their propensity to unintentionally attempt to refute established truths. The impartial and fundamental subject is one of the most important considerations a student should make while writing an essay. This will provide them the information they need to choose a subject wisely.


When writing an argumentative essay, one of the most important things to think about is how to finish it. How you choose the suitable subject for your paper is comparable to how you do it in this part. Your aim is to persuade your audience that you are knowledgeable enough to decide on the subject. In the end, you may offer them a cause to reflect on the world’s events and make a choice based on the information you have acquired.

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