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Cyber Security Topics For Research In 2021

August 23, 2021

The information sphere essentially effectively affects the state of the economic, defense, social, political, and other components of the country’s national security. Thus, research on information security has become especially relevant. The study of cybersecurity determines the analysis of threats to information security, risk assessment, and the study of approaches to ensuring information security to minimize damage at the level of society or the state. In other words, cybersecurity research topics are as multifaceted as the spectrum of security threats.

The splash in the variety of system and technology platforms used and the vocabulary of various services leads to expanding the list of vulnerabilities in modern information infrastructure, which increases the requirements for means of their protection. Today, it is vital to choose research topics on cybersecurity that correspond to current problems. As a research subject on cybersecurity, we recommend selecting an assessment of damage or risks of implementing the most urgent threats in essential objects. However, there are other areas that you should look at.

Cyber Security Sections That Are Worth Your Attention

Today, there are five most common areas of cybersecurity: database protection, Mobile Device Management, VDI, IDM, and backup. So let’s take a closer look at these cyber security topics for the research paper. Below you will find a list of topics in different categories.

Database Protection

Most companies use massive databases that store financial, customer, and other sensitive information. Therefore, the task of ensuring their safety is most acute. Among the methods of protecting databases, one can note the technology of masking and encrypting information. As a researcher, you can evaluate a company’s database and the way to protect it.


The VDI solution, one of the main information security products, is in high demand. VDI is a virtual desktop infrastructure. One of the advantages of the technology is protecting user data, which is located on centralized server equipment. This makes the user work environment more manageable than traditional workstations. For example, there is the possibility of flexible allocation of resources for the tasks of a particular employee or department. And by centralizing the infrastructure, data is protected with backup technology. In your research, you can look at the primary advantages and disadvantages of VDI.

Mobile Device Protection

In recent years, mobile devices have become very widespread in the corporate environment – this is both access to mail and remote work with documents. In addition, many companies save almost all of their core business processes to mobile devices. All this puts forward increased requirements for managing mobile devices and the protection of information on them. Consider one of the most famous attacks on a mobile device and highlight the owner’s mistakes and how to fix the problem.


Modern companies use a huge number of different IT systems and services. Often, these systems are not tied to a single authorization system but are administered by completely different employees. Therefore, it can take weeks to provide the user with access to all necessary systems according to his functional duties. IDM systems allow you to automate the process of granting access to users based on company policies and eliminate the factor of human error. And the most important thing is to take away unnecessary access from him. For example, a person is applying for a job or his role in the company changes. When his position in the personnel system changes, the IDM solution will provide him with the necessary access and take away unnecessary ones. In your research, you can evaluate the IDM system and figure out how to automate the work processes of a well-known company.


The Petya virus attack exposed many security issues for customers, including the backup subsystem. As a result, there are frequent cases of complete loss of entire services, even for those companies that used a backup subsystem. There are many reasons for such consequences.

For example, most businesses during the Petya virus attack backed up most critical services. But at the same time, most often due to the lack of a sufficient amount of software and hardware resources, they did not ensure the relevance of the stored data. For example, several services may have had their last backup taken as long as six months ago. An essential factor in the successful attack was also the use by clients of a standard Active Directory administrator account, including for the backup subsystem. After that, there were cases of loss of all backups.

Although there is no common data backup solution for all clients, there are several recommendations for this subsystem. For example, you are organizing tiered storage of backups, using service local accounts of backup systems or two-factor LDAP authentication, maintaining up-to-date versions of the software and hardware complex, and periodically testing backups. It is also important to remember that the purpose of backups is to restore data safely. In your research, you can study the Petya virus and how you can defend it.

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Cyber Security Topics About Computer Software

For many years, topics about computer programs have been popular among researchers. This is because these topics have many readers – people want to know if they are exposed to dangers using computer programs. Here are the top 10 computer software dissertation topics:

  1. Can a firewall stop or prevent network attacks?
  2. How to use antivirus software to clean your computer of viruses and prevent cyber attacks?
  3. How to deal with ransomware that injects spyware?
  4. Which antivirus is the best anti-hacker tool?
  5. Virus encryption – how to identify and stop a threat?
  6. Why should large companies and small businesses invest in good database protection?
  7. What security measures are there in Ubuntu, Windows, macOS, and UNIX?
  8. Why are computers the most common area of ​​hackers?
  9. What are the data encryption algorithms? How effective are they, and which one is better?
  10. Why is it essential for a company to conduct an independent security audit?

Yes, there is a lot of research devoted to these topics, but they have undisclosed aspects. The fact is that computer programs affect cybersecurity, and there are countless methods of protection – so you can turn on creative thinking and reveal interesting facts. When choosing a topic for this section, keep in mind the learning objectives you want to achieve through your research. If you have a creative crisis or lack the knowledge to write projects in this area, you can always buy assignments online and protect paper without stress.

Top Cyber Security Topics Over the Last Year

What is the advantage of researching topics that have been done over the past year? First, relevance – that is, you will have a lot of sources of information, and on their basis, you will be able to declare your discoveries. Also, if you want the best cybersecurity theme, go for one that is no more than five years old. Here are interesting topics on cybersecurity over the past year:

  1. How do you protect devices that sync with each other?
  2. What precautions should every Internet user take?
  3. How are data encryption and cybersecurity related?
  4. Is computer forensics evolving in the 21st century, or is it still?
  5. Discuss some of the worst corporate attacks and data thefts.
  6. What are the most popular data breaches in the 21st century?
  7. Are there laws to protect people from hackers?
  8. Why is there a shortage of qualified programmers?
  9. Should you store passwords for social networks and bank cards on gadgets?
  10. Can the government reduce the number of online attacks on businesses?
  11. Can writing a capstone paper improve the knowledge of IT graduates?
  12. Why should companies pay attention to risk management when it comes to computing?

We have listed the most trending topics that people are still discussing, as you can see, at the peak of popularity, topics related to cybersecurity problems and solutions. On these topics, it is not difficult to find arguments supporting ideas – you have a chance to defend the research successfully.

Security Topics About Data Management

Data management is the most extensive area of ​​research. Therefore, each of you can find a topic that sets you apart as a creative, intelligent, and advanced student. It is how firms store their data or customers that determine the level of threats from cyber-attackers. This direction is complex and we can attribute these ideas to PhD topics:

  1. Weak customer data protection can hurt the success of a company.
  2. Are there legal actions that companies can take to combat cyber attacks?
  3. How to ensure the reliability of the transmission of intelligence from hackers?
  4. Ethical theft of company data: when is it permissible?
  5. How important is social engineering in the 21st century?
  6. How to avoid profile cloning and data theft on social media?
  7. Should you store important data in one place?
  8. What tools should you use when managing your data?
  9. What should you do when your social network gets hacked, and your data is stolen?
  10. Why do cybercriminals hunt for people’s data?

The above topics are very extensive and require careful research, many hours of analysis of the literature. However, through your research, people will learn how to properly manage their data and take the right action in the event of identity theft. We also offer to buy college term papers on these topics from our experts because we understand that your study schedule is too busy.

Most Interesting Topics In The Field Of Cyber Security

If you are faced with writing a dissertation, you cannot choose a stale topic because the requirement for all scientific papers is novelty and relevance. On the other hand, if you are studying for a master’s or doctoral program, you can search for topics at your institution. However, not everyone teacher is willing to share ready-made ideas. In this case, you can use our themes:

  1. How to quickly, efficiently, and securely recover personal data?
  2. What is the best security measure: Windows, macOS, or UNIX?
  3. What is the safest authentication method: using an electronic signature, password, or SMS?
  4. The easiest ways to get hold of users’ data. How to prevent cyber attackers from entering your social networks?
  5. White and black hacker: what’s the difference, and which one is the best?
  6. Why has digital piracy grown rapidly over the past ten years?
  7. What could digital piracy lead to, and how to stop it?
  8. How effective is biometrics on Instagram?
  9. How safe is device sync?
  10. Should parents teach their children how to defend against cyber-attacks?
  11. Why do hackers bully?
  12. How much can hackers make from selling people’s data? Who is the buyer?

All of these topics are good at educating people about cybersecurity, IT, and hackers. The topics are quite complex, but their interest is very high – every day, thousands of requests for similar topics are received in browsers. You will have to study the latest facts and discoveries to add interesting, unrepeatable data to the research. Despite the complexity of the assignment, we are confident that you will be passionate about the project and successfully defend it.

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Networking And Information Security Topics

Information security is the preservation and protection of information and its essential elements, including systems and equipment designed to use, store, and transmit this information. In other words, it is a set of technologies, standards, and management practices that are required to protect information security. Here are the most pressing questions about network and information security:

  1. What kind of support should social media managers provide when a network link failure occurs?
  2. What are the basics of how network routing works?
  3. What self-organizing properties does a wireless sensor network have?
  4. Sybil attack – mechanism of action and methods of struggle.
  5. How to identify DDOS attacks on special car networks?
  6. How can companies ensure that they maintain a high quality of service on the network?
  7. IP multicasting in a wireless environment: what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  8. What does an Internet user need to know about the Internet of Things?
  9. The Internet of Things and big data analysis – what’s the connection?
  10. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new approach to networking. How to ensure their effective monitoring?

We have compiled a small list about network and information security – today, there are thousands of topics in this area, and you have a lot to choose from. We also note that these ideas should inspire you to create your research. This does not mean that you can mindlessly copy the finished research – plagiarism is the key to failure. If you have no ideas, do not have enough knowledge or time to create a scientific paper – contact our write my essay service, and you will increase your chances of getting an A+.

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