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Essay about War Experience

August 19, 2021

Being in the middle of a war is
unbearable. But having to live in war twice
is the worst thing a man could experience in
his life, and so having to bear with these
memories is simply my worst nightmare.

The first war was the invasion of Iraq on
my beloved country Kuwait. Back in 1990, our
closest neighbor and our greatest ally
simply decided to take over our country
without regarding the greatest bonds and our
trust in him. That was my first experience
in a war that has took my innocent
childhood. I remember my country being
robbed, citizen being slaughtered in cold
blood without considering age.

President George Bush supported Kuwait
against this hostile behavior which has been
shown from Iraq. Unleashed operation (Desert
Storm) to free Kuwait. Iraqi forces
retreated from Kuwait, leaving all kinds of
destruction on their way out.

The most unforgettable thing happened to
me during the first war is when I stepped on
a landmine! Luckily, it was inactive
(defused). But only knowing that this little
thing could kill me made my life go dark. I
couldn’t sleep for like two months, thinking
of what might have happened to me if that
device was active! By getting older and
older, I forgot about it. Now, it came back
to me. After knowing that a new war is on
doors, which is the war against terrorism
and especially the new war against Iraq.

Operation (Iraqi freedom) is the war
President G.W. Bush is raging against the
Iraqi regime these days. During this war,
the Iraqi regime launched missiles towards
Kuwait that have hit some residential areas
and a shopping mall, causing terror to
citizens in Kuwait and reminding me of their
first invasion. Fortunately, it happened
without casualties.

Thanks to the last war, Not only Kuwait
has rested from this atrocious regime, but
the whole world and especially Iraqi people
that have been treated with the worst kinds
of torture. And now, Iraqi people can live
in peace and harmony and feel the
freedom that has been taken away from them
all these years.

War is a waste of money, time and lives.
No one could ever disagree with that but;
sometimes-peaceful solutions simply don’t
work for some people. They hold on to their
wrong acts and make their own people suffer
for their greed. Just like what the Iraqi
leader did to his people. Is it really worth
to be killed for someone made you suffer all
your life? Are we going to learn from all
the wars that we’ve been into?
Those are some questions we should be asking

We keep saying things that we don’t
understand until we see in our own eyes.
Even if we do understand what we are saying
and no matter what we say, it won’t change
anything! It is something out of our hands.
It’s in the hands of the world leaders.

In conclusion, it is a great feeling to
sleep safe from these past experiences. We
can only hope that someday we will wake up
living a peaceful world.

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