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Ethics and Global Climate Change Essay

August 19, 2021

Ethics and global climate change are interconnected. The climate has changed drastically for the last few decades and it is the humankind to blame. Who does any harm to the environment if not us? Although every individual has an equal responsibility of saving the earth there are some challenges faced by people which makes them do something time and again that affects the nature negatively. The climate change is one issue which must be addressed soon otherwise the earth would get warmed up too much and there would be nothing we would be able to do about it later.

Climate change is a global phenomenon

Since climate change is a global phenomenon, it is not like that one particular country is going to be affected by it. Hence, it is important that every nation helps the other nation to get over the menace. It can also happen that one particular country is the source from where all the pollution is coming up as it is continuously establishing industries all over and the other countries are being affected by it. In that case too, one just can’t simply blame the other country but have to initiate appropriate steps needed to be taken to address the problem. Each country should see to it that does not cross the limit on the emissions that affect the temperature.

Climate change would affect future generations

The next challenge faced by ethics and global climate change is that the emissions that are let out today might affect the temperature of earth today and also impact the temperatures of the future too, which means that even our children would be affected by our careless living. This means that the source is from this generation and the effects would be seen in the next generation. This is really unfair and if you really want to do something about it, the only thing you can do is to follow the ethics up to your level and not let the temperature get affected.

Not enough knowledge

Even if the authorities take appropriate steps, everybody would not be able to help them even if they want to. In many of the rural areas, people still follow many ways that cause harm to the environment but still they are unaware of it. Such people do not have much knowledge on how to save the earth. Not everybody gets the chance to get into a school and learn about how temperature of the earth is rising and how one can save it. It is the responsibility of the authorities to keep a check on everything and see to it that harm done is less and less if not completely addressed.

It depends on us individuals that how well we cope up with the situation and try to save the earth. However, with the help of concerned authorities and the government the steps could be taken and the earth could be saved. One has to keep in mind the ethics and global climate change before pursuing any activity that might change the climate of the earth.

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