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Several Benefits of Migration

August 19, 2021

Benefits of migration are generally overlooked due to the more transparent disadvantages it has to offer. It is true that there are many disadvantages associated with migration, such as brain drain, low work wages, population increase and many others. In spite of that, there are many advantages as well, for example, increased investment and trade opportunities, and economic growth and so on. This article discusses the various advantages brought by migrants.

Benefits of migration for host countries

Generally, in host countries, there are various employment opportunities and job vacancies but the people of the country do not have enough skills and knowledge to fit into those jobs. In such a scenario, if unemployed people from other countries come to that country and get hired on those job positions, a total economic growth can be achieved. Skills gaps can also be narrowed. The cultural diversity of the host country would also be enriched. Since workers from other countries would also pay taxes, pension gaps would become easy to be filled.

Benefits of migration for origin countries

The migrants, who work in the host countries, would send payments to their parents or family members living in the other countries and this way, they would get remittances. Hence, would not have to take foreign aid. If there are not enough employment opportunities in their own countries, their youth can still become employed and they can progress as a complete nation. When migrants would return to their own countries, they would bring an all new skill set along with them, which would help the country people to develop. Also, international contacts would be there with the migrants, which would help them in the long run.

Other benefits

It is a fact that some countries are short of labor supply while some countries are short of employment opportunities. Hence, the act of migration makes it possible for all the countries not to let go of the resources they have. If the people refuse to migrate, the resources would have been wasted and in the worst case, the production process might have to be relocated, which in itself, is an expensive deal and less feasible one. According to some researches, it has also been made clear that the efficiency of the local workers is also increased when they work with more efficient migrant people.

The tourism industry is one other area which has gained a lot of benefits from migration. This is because newer air routes get developed each time a country connects with some other country and hence, the industry grows. Also, newer ideas and innovations are brought up by migrants, which help in the development of the entire world as a whole.

Not only in the business industry, migration also helps to develop cultural links between various countries and hence, increase the cultural diversity in a particular country. The international trade also gets a lot of benefit from this. Better health care services are being provided in some rural areas, since foreign people live there.

If the rights of the migrants are protected completely, migration can be really beneficial for both the countries. There are various social and cultural as well as economicbenefits of migration.

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